Gilt Edge International Delivers T3 Online’s DFMS To All Of Its Clients

T3-Online’s Discretionary Fund Management Service

24/7 Online Access
to your personal investment Account
Select from 5 model
portfolios to suit
your required risk
and performance
DFMS models for all
of the major product providers
Automatic portfolio adjustment into the
best performing funds within your chosen
model at all times

T3 Online's DFM service removes the guess work out of fund selection, it delivers to investors an automated portfolio management system that switches in and out of funds within their chosen model, being invested in the highest performing funds at all times your investment portfolio will produce consistent above average performance. Previously a service restricted only to the onshore financial services industry and high net worth clients.

Gilt Edge International now makes this service available to all clients.

Investor Considerations

All the things that should play a role in your investment management decisions
Appetite For Risk
Decide which model portfolio suits
your appetite for risk and required
performance, move across models
at any time to suit any change in
market or personal circumstances.

Performance Reports
Enjoy 24/7 access to your
personal investment account to
view the wealth of performance
data that keeps you constantly
appraised of your current
Peace of Mind
Take comfort in the knowledge

that the T3 online DFMS

automated system is constantly

tracking and comparing all of the

funds within your product

providers fund menu.

Independent Information
T3 Online provides unbiased

independent information so you

and your IFA can make informed

investment decisions at all times.

A Wealth Of Information At The Click Of A Button

The Data
Your investment account displays
performance data in a quick and
easy to understand manner
View your T3 account from any
Apple or Android device, via a PC,
Laptop, Tablet or Mobile, using all
internet browsers.

Enjoy all of the benefits that T3

Online offers but at a fraction of

the price that wealth managers

would charge.


Monitor and manage all of your

offshore investment portfolios from

within one T3 Online account.

DFMS - T5 'Bull' Portfolio

Target: >15%

Aggressive portfolio that aims to achieve the highest amount of growth
available in the medium to long term.
DFMS - T4 'Dragon' Portfolio

Target: >10%

Adventurous and aims to produce double-digit growth over the medium term.

Performance That Speaks For Itself


The T3 Discretionary Fund Management Service uses a Black Box evaluation system that compares and measures the performance of the entire menu of funds available for your investment product. It groups the funds by risk and then calculates which fund combinations have produced the highest growth over various time periods. The system then evaluates the best performing funds against our current fair value indicator to arrive at each of the T3 model portfolios.

The funds have been divided into five risk categories to suit your individual needs and financial circumstances.

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