Protecting and Managing Assets For Expatriates

Gilt Edge ultimate objective is to enable our clients to create a comprehensive solution that will help them to protect and manage their assets while they work towards achieving their financial goals.

As well as investment products, we therefore offer a wide range of other carefully selected financial services, including :

  • Offshore electronic banking methods to help them manage and transfer funds easily.
  • Various forms of insurance, including term, whole-of-life, critical illness and income-protection cover, to provide them and their families with financial security and peace of mind in the event of sickness, accidents, disability or death.
  • Worldwide medical insurance for their healthcare needs, wherever they are based or travel.
  • Savings, investment and retirement accounts to meet their present and future requirements.
  • The formation of offshore companies and other entities and the opening of bank accounts in offshore jurisdictions where the tax and regulatory regimes complement our clients' circumstances.

As with all the recommendations we make, our advice concerning the above options will be based on careful analysis and objective assessment of client's individual requirements and the best ways to satisfy them. Whether relocating, planning for retirement, buying property, establishing a business, preparing to pay for a child's college tuition or contemplating any other major event in life, Gilt Edge will be on hand with expert guidance.

Enquire with us today to receive dedicated support and establish solutions tailored to meet your personal financial goals.

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