Expatriate Retirement Solutions

At Gilt Edge our philosophy is that retirement should be a time for clients to reap the rewards of well-planned savings to live out their remaining years with abundance.

Company or government pension schemes rarely provide the means for maintaining our lifestyles after employment and most governments actively encourage individuals to support their retirement by taking out additional savings plans to help ease the countries social security burdens.

A client may have an existing retirement plan in place - or even be retired already. Whatever their situation may be, Gilt Edge has the experience to draw on a range of investment options from leading providers to create an expat retirement plan that's tailor-made to reach their goals.

Gilt Edge expat pension planning services broadly fall into the following two areas:

  • Planning and implementing retirement solutions by carefully listening to our client's ambitions for life after employment.
  • Helping clients who are approaching retirement ensure that their plans and results are still on track with their goals.

If you are not investing for your retirement or your existing pension portfolios are not performing at their best, complete our enquiry form and receive a no-fee, no-obligation review.

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