International Medical Insurance For Expats

Overseas Medical Insurance is an adaptable product designed with the capability of meeting each client’s specific international requirements.

Unlike most ‘onshore’ plans our flexible and affordable global medical insurance plans are completely portable, so your cover won't stop when you cross a border. Renowned for the highest standards of customer care, Gilt Edge offer peace of mind only using internationally trusted providers.

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Why International Health Care Is So Important

Unlike living in your home country, being an expatriate or international traveller usually means you will not have access to free care. The cost of healthcare abroad can be extremely expensive without a comprehensive expatriate health plan. So what happens when you become sick, require surgery, or are involved in an accident? Worldwide Health Care policies can typically make sure you are kept in a private room, carefully treated and cared for within some of the best medical facilities the world has to offer*.

Getting A Tailored Healthcare Solution For Your Needs

International Medical Insurance is a fully adaptable product to each client’s individual needs. Whether you are you looking for emergency care only, or a fully comprehensive medical package we have a solution for you.

Do you require out-patient cover? Maternity cover? Cover for chronic diseases? Would you like a standard excess? Which currency will you be making payment with? These are all common variables when designing your tailored health insurance policy for you and your loved ones.

Cost Of Expatriate Medical Cover

International Medical costs are increasing every year, as an expatriate you may not have access to the local health service in your destination, if indeed there is one.

International Health care Insurance is more affordable than you think, and provides peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

How To Start International Medical Coverage

To obtain a free quotation, simply complete our contact form by providing as much information as possible for quote accuracy. We’ll then match your stated requirements with the most appropriate solution to obtain an informal quotation.

If this meets with your expectations then we simply require a completed application form and copy of your passport, along with your intended payment method.

The plan provider will then assess your application and offer a formal quotation including any exclusions due to previous health conditions if applicable.

Following your acceptance of this offer, cover can normally be arranged within 5 working days. Only at the stage of formal offer acceptance by yourself are you committed to the cover.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Overseas Healthcare Packages

If you haven’t found the information you are looking for so far on this page, perhaps your Expatriate Health Care query has been answered below. If that isn’t the case please submit your personal query here.

1. Who is eligible for International Expat Medial Insurance?
Anyone looking to travel or reside outside of their home country, including spouse or family member if they are to accompany that person.

2. How soon can my worldwide cover begin?
Depending on your individual circumstances cover can be in place within 10 working days.

3. Do I have to disclose pre-existing medical conditions?
All providers require full medical history to enable them to assess the risks. Medical History Disregard (MHD) is available to corporate schemes.

4. What details do I have to provide in order to get a quote?
Please visit our Contact Form and complete as much information as possible

5. On a family Insurance Policy does everyone have to be on the same level of coverage?

6. How do I make a claim and how much excess do I have to pay?
You can make a claim via email, fax or post. The amount of excess you are required to pay on any claim is specific to your policy.

7. Can I combine worldwide travel insurance in the same policy as my Medical Insurance?

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*Different plan providers offer different levels of coverage and various different types of plan to cover all individual requirements. Not all benefits/options are available across all providers/plans. For further details specific to your requirements please complete the Enquiry Form providing as much information as possible so that we can identify the best matching solution.