Offshore Savings and Investments

Gilt Edge International provides advice on a range of savings and investment vehicles to achieve our clients financial objectives.

We also offer a number of options to help make our clients money work harder. Through our expert industry knowledge of the pros and cons of the different saving and investment products available, Gilt Edge provides a tailor made service to help clients find the best place for their money.

Gilt Edge saving and investment services cover the following expat financial needs;
  • Regular Savings Accounts to accrue wealth
  • Time Deposits
  • Retirement planning
  • Education fees planning
  • Capital protection and growth
  • Personal Equity Plans

In addition to Gilt Edge advice and management every offshore investment client has the ability to use a sophisticated online management tool powered by T3 Online

If you are not investing for your future or your existing investment portfolios are not performing at their best, complete our enquiry form and receive a no-fee, no-obligation review.

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