Plan is a child centred community development organization
GEI sponsors 'Tanii' in Indonesia
GEI has made a long term commitment to sponsor 'Tanii' a 5 year old girl from Indonesia through Plan. The money from the sponsorship will be used to improve Tanii's community in development areas like education, health and living standards. As a result we're making a real difference in Tanii's life so she can have the opportunity to reach her full potential.

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Supporting the Beijing Sailing Center
The Beijing Sailing Center is the only school in China offering sailing courses to persons of all ages interested in following the guidelines set down by the Royal Yachting Association.

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GEI assists devastated Thai community
Following a fire that raged through a Thai shanty town on the outskirts of Bangkok, completely destroying all of the homes and their contents, GEI quickly assisted by donating clothing, dried food, bedding, cooking utensils and childrens toys directly to those affected.
A long term commitment to The Library Project
The Library Project donates books and libraries to under financed schools and orphanages in the developing world. They, like GEI, believe education is the key motivator to breaking the cycle of poverty that exists in the developing world.

Robert Webb, based in our Beijing office has so far supported the set up and establishment of libraries at the following schools;

Geipaigou Elementary School
Shitigou Elementary School
Fenfanggou Elementary School
Mitanghe Elementary School

Sigou Elementary School


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GEI is proud to be a 2009 sponsor of the Beijing Cricket Club.
The club's aims include venturing out to play in matches throughout China and the Asian region as well as welcoming all touring teams interested in sampling cricket with Chinese characteristics.

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GEI 贊助泰國 'Nong Phong'
GEI 透過 Plan,向居於泰國北部的 8 歲男孩 'Phong' 許下長期承諾,所得善款會用於改善 Phong 的社區,包括改善教育、保健、居住水平。因為這些善舉,Phong 的生活得到重大改善,他有機會發揮他的最大潛能。

支持京西學院(WAB)及京西學院野生基金(WAB Wild)
Ray Kelly 為 GEI 的北京分部經理,捐款 75,000 人民幣予京西學院的 "飛躍" 計劃,該計劃為京西學院野生基金的重要環境科技計劃。

京西學院野生基金負責人 Elliot Bowyer 說:「Kelly 先生的捐款,對京西學院的未來世界領袖助益極大,以且影響深遠」。

皇家公園半馬拉松支持 "拯救兒童" 計劃
GEI 以主贊助人 Matthew Entwistle 為榮,他在10月12日完成倫敦半馬拉松,是次活動收益全數撥歸 "拯救兒童" 計劃。

GEI是京西學院的 "飛躍" 計劃的主要贊助者。該計劃以提升個人領導技巧為目的,為該社區培養人力資源。


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