State-of-the-art Portfolio Management & Investment Monitoring Tool

Gilt Edge believes that every investor has the right to know exactly what is happening with their portfolio at any time.

In today's volatile markets, lack of access to up-to-the-minute and meaningful information means that investors miss opportunities because they cannot make informed decisions about buying or selling until it is too late.

We provide every investment client the opportunity to use a state-of-the-art online investment monitoring tool powered by T3 Online. This is a website portal that provides comprehensive, accurate information about a full range of investment products. T3 Online's key features are its unique Target, Trigger and Trade functions which enable clients to minimise their risks and maximise their profits by empowering them with accurate information and allowing them to take action at the precise moment when an investment decision is required.

Key features include:
  • Target performance data for every asset within your portfolios.
  • Trigger alerting function via email and SMS that allows users to input their own personal profit, growth protection or loss triggers for each asset.
  • Trade function allowing clients to electronically buy, sell or switch between funds.

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