Guernsey is situated off the north-west coast of France and approximately 130km from the South Coast of England. A premier offshore Finance centre, Guernsey offers a stable and well-regulated environment to aid in the realization of your investment objectives.


Guernsey Law requires that 90% of a life company's liabilities to policyholders be held in custodian trusteeship with an approved independent third party, with no upper limit.


For your investment growth to be in excess of simple deposit rates without unacceptable risk and without relinquishing control of your assets, depending on type of fund chosen.

Tax Efficient environment:

Your investments are without liability to Guernsey tax. The gross value of benefits is paid in full and there are no restrictions regarding how and when you may take your benefits.


Guernsey enable the movement of funds in all major currencies, as there are no exchange controls.

Guernsey's standards of regulation and policyholder protection are internationally renowned. More recently, Guernsey was awarded an excellent rating of financial regulation standards by the Financial Stability Forum in 2000.

Guernsey also received the top quartile ranking from FATF (Financial Action Task Force) review for its commitment to financial regulation and anti-money laundering systems.

Guernsey website:

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